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SewArt 1.7.3 TrialSewArt is a simple to use image editing tool that allows you to transform a raster or vector image into an embroidery file. What the application does is actually add a series of effects to a source image, altering its original look so that you can easily sew over it. The application supports a wide range of image formats such as PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, SVG, EMF and WMF. You can load these images from within the application or by simply dragging them onto the workspace. Interface-wise, SewArt doesn’t confuse even the most novice of users. It displays a comprehensive arrangement of the menus and buttons that facilitate the use of all its features. If by any chance you can’t figure out how exactly the application is supposed to work, you can find instructions in the attached user’s manual or by opening the Wizard. With the Wizard activated, it’s very easy to obtain the desired stitch-out. It guides you through a four step process that reduces the number of distinct colors,merges them, remove speckling and finally, merge any remaining small percentage color areas that still exist in the image. Prior or post Wizard, you can apply a wide range of other adjustments to the image before you print or export it. You are able to resize the image, rotate and flip it, as well as add a posterize effect to it. If you feel that the source image is missing something, then you can easily add or remove details using the Pencil, Paintbrush, Fill Region and Eraser tools. Once you are pleased with the end result of the processed image, you can manually start stitching it to create the sewing pattern or have the application perform it automatically. The second option is the most efficient since a large scale image with a decent amount of details and colors takes a good couple of minutes to finish. If your hobby is sewing and want to create original, customized templates, then SewArt is a digital tool to help you do just that.
SewArt allows you to analyze any image or vector file in order to digitize it and generate an embroidery file. It allows you to load multiple image formats and to modify them by using basic tools such as a paintbrush or eraser. The program allows you to crop the image in order to select only the part of the file that you need to convert. It also enables you to optimize the image by reducing the number of colors and merging certain colors manually.
  • 30 days trial
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Consistent color for dialogs
  • Add multiple-color selection in Merge dialog
  • Fix bug when Merge/Despeckle RANGE buttons are clicking and individual colors are selected
  • Reversed the height and stride dimensions for outline/applique stitches

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