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ScreenGuard 1.1 FreewareScreenGuard can give you a helping hand in locking down your desktop in order to restrict the access of others while you are away from the PC. It provides a way for you to protect your important data and prevent curious users from viewing your important files. Safer Windows login method The application implements a new login system that is not only password-protected, but it also includes a number combination and the identification of an unique USB drive, which becomes a physical key to unlock the workstation with. At first initialization, you are prompted to create a new account (with a custom username and password), which is assigned to one of the connected USB removable devices by pressing the ‘Register’ button. After that, you can login with your existing credentials and the chosen USB drive each time you launch ScreenGuard. Quickly lockdown the desktop Once logged in, ScreenGuard’s main window is displayed. It consists of a single window where you can configure its behavior without a lot of hassle. Activating ScreenGuard is done with the push of a button and the application enables you to enter the secret number combination using the built-in keypad and apply the combo to the login screen. For your convenience, the package integrates a desktop gadget that can be used to easily lock the desktop or access the main interface of ScreenGuard. One interesting feature is the possibility to automatically lockdown the computer when the USB device is disconnected. As such, when you leave the PC, simply take the USB device with you in order to make sure that your data is secure. The lockdown screen displays the keypad and a field for entering the user-defined password. Unless the correct USB device is not connected, the PC cannot be unlocked. Secure your data and prevent others from accessing the PC ScreenGuard enhances the security of your computer, protecting stored data from being accessed without your consent. It is very easy to use and configure, but you must be careful not to damage your USB drive, since without it you might not be able to access your computer anymore.
ScreenGuard is a simple utility that creates a password protected layer on your Windows logon screen. This layer can only be unlocked with your chosen combo and unique USB drive, which is assigned a custom username and password.
  • .NET 4.0
  • Screen resolution of 640×480 for main app
  • Admin Rights
  • 3MB hard disk space
What’s New
  • The user must have ScreenGuard v1.0 installed for this update to work

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