ScalaLab 211 (Dec 13) Free

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ScalaLab 211 (Dec 13) Free
ScalaLab is a programming environment similar to Matlab that provides developers with more flexibility and speed for Scala and Java projects. ScalaLab doesn’t mean to replace the Java language, but to use it to the benefit of both users and programmers. The package includes a Java compiler and utilizes Java scientific libraries to meet the needs of Java developers. It is an open-source development solution, which means that it can be used to create commercial applications. Its inside engine relies on the Scala language and it is wrapped up inside a Matlab-like environment, which makes it appropriate for scientists, but not only. Any programmer with medium to advanced experience can use it to produce rich scientific applications, as long as they have the necessary background to comply with user requirements. The upper advantage of ScalaLab is that it can run heavy numerical tasks at superior speed, almost comparable with the one achieved by consecrated IDEs such as C, C++ and Fortran. The scripting language used in ScalaLab is ScalaSci, offering high-level mathematical operators that can be used in complex syntaxes and mixed with Java code. The user interface is well organized, providing access to all of the toolboxes encased inside the program and delivering a familiar feeling for users of Matlab. Scala’s most widely known feature is its extensibility, which turns ScalaLab into a platform that provides a variety of development possibilities. Many argue that it is superior to Java itself, because it can be exploited in an easier manner.  
ScalaLab is a Matlab-like application that allows developers to create scientific code in an efficient programing environment for the Java Virtual Machine. The program is flexible and provides the user a rich graphical interface that is easy to use and to understand.
What’s New
  • Fast Pthread based native matrix multiplication

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