SARTrack 0.9.606 Beta

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SARTrack 0.9.606 Beta

Radio based Live Tracking for Search and Rescue Teams in the field

SARTrack is a helpful application designed to display the APRS trackers on a topographical map. The program allows you to access the map information without an Internet connection. The user can add new map locations by entering the coordinates from the keyboard or by using the data from the GPS device. The Event Log system allows the user to view the important events and to add log entries.
What’s New 
  • Objects: Add and Edit now have option “Broadcast Object” which is by default enabled. When un-checked the Objects will stay on the local computer only.
  • Fix: Kenwood Fleetsync did not decode the transmitted TimeStamp properly.
  • New Zealand TopoMap: Added full LKP/PLS Circle system.
  • New Zealand TopoMap: Added Popup Details window.
  • Fix: Transmit Message Bulletins used wrong identifier
  • Fix: Replay would not start.
  • Fix: Xastir Tactical transmission will send Cancel message when Tactical deleted. Also will not accept Tactical call which is the same as Callsign.

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