RStudio 0.98.490 Freeware

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RStudio 0.98.490 Freeware

A feature-packed integrated development environment that can be used by all programmers familiarized with R, its syntax and commands

RStudio is a comprehensive solution for all developers who like to work within R and are accustomed to its syntax.
What’s New 
  • Debugging Tools:
  • Set breakpoints within the source editor, both inside and outside functions
  • View object values and call stack during debugging
  • Step through code line by line
  • Error inspector for quick access to tracebacks and debugger after runtime errors
  • Integration with traditional R debugging tools, such as browser() and debug()
  • Environment Pane:
  • Browse any environment on the search path
  • Filtering by name/value
  • Expand lists, data frames, and S4 objects inline
  • Use str() for displaying object values
  • Optional grid view sortable by various attributes
  • Many other small correctness and robustness enhancements
  • R Presentations:
  • Easy authoring of HTML5 presentations based on R Markdown
  • Extensive support for authoring and previewing inside the IDE
  • Many options for customizing layout and appearance
  • Easily published as either a standalone HTML file or to RPubs
  • Source Editor:
  • Use Rcpp template by default for new C++ files
  • Ad…

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