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Ron's Editor 2013.08.30.0606 FreewareIf you are looking for a professional, yet simple editor for tabular text files, Ron’s Editor might do the trick. Providing powerful editing features, this software offers full control over the structure of any standard comma or tab separated documents. At the first run, you are welcomed by the ”Start Page’, where you can import files or create new documents. The ‘Text Import Wizard’ is there to help you open any separated or fixed width format from a file or even your clipboard, without altering the text layout or reformatting it (to do so, it allows you to review the source separators while previewing the output file). The application provides standard editing tools which you can use to modify field values, insert, delete, split or merge columns, duplicate and append rows, sort data or apply custom filters. Moreover, you can fully edit the column layout and change its type, thus modifying the whole document structure. The result can then be easily exported to Excel, HTML, XML or another separated / fixed width text format. To grant you even more control, Ron’s Editor comes with tools for updating groups of cells simultaneously, change the data layout in forms, as well as editing cells containing tabs or new lines. Access the ‘Toolbox’ to easily find and replace data, change the case, add or remove text, numbers, dates, empty rows, all while previewing the result on the spot. Filtering and summarizing capabilities, the quick find tool and automatic cell dimensioning are other advantages that this tabular editor comes with. Also, it automatically detects and provides support for text encoding. Combining ease of use with advanced editing functionality, Ron’s Editor proves to be a handy utility for viewing and formatting tabular text or CSV files. It provides you with all the editing tools you need, while striving to keep things simple.
Ron’s Editor is a professional editor for tabular text or CSV files. It can open any format of separated text, including the standard comma and tab separated files (CSV and TSV), and allows total control over their content and structure. Not only can tabular text files be edited, but they can also be easily filtered and summarized in as many extra views as required, adding powerful analysis functionality. Note: Free for personal use. Every 30 days you are required to renew the license for free.
Here are some key features of “Ron’s Editor”: · Opens any format of text file (separators can be configured). · Edit Panel easily activated for cells containing tabs or new lines, or multi-cell updates. · Organize the columns in your document – cut/copy/paste, add/remove, change the name. · Changing the type of the columns in the document allowing correct sorting and filtering. For example changing a column to a date. · Editing functions include search/replace, split column, merge columns and undo/redo. · Quickly and easily filter, sort and summarize the data – quick filter access from a context menu on the table. · Rows can be set to auto-height to display multi-line rows. · One key press easy search to search the whole document. · Row per page view. · Export to text, HTML, and Excel directly. · Print support. · Integrated help. Requirements: · .NET Framework 3 What’s New  · New license model introduced. · Help file added. · UTF-8 file support added. · Buttons and menus reviewed for a more consistent interface. · Column template support added. · Editing columns promoted to normal editing level (cut/copy/paste etc.). · Swap column header with row (and visa-versa) added. · Clear Cells added. · Change Cell case added. · Remove Extra Space added. · Many performance improvements.

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