Rohos Disk Encryption 2.0 Trial

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Rohos Disk Encryption 2.0 Trial

A powerful and fast application that helps you easily create secured virtual drives of any size on your computer or on a flash device

Rohos Disk Encryption can help secure your files by allowing you to store them in a password-protected virtual drive. To access this volume you can use password or USB flash drive with a password key. Rohos disk integrates with MS Office and any other application by inserting a disk shortcut into SaveAs/Open File dialogs. Also it has a build-in File-Shredder tool and wonderful UI.
Here are some key features of “Rohos Disk Encryption”:
  • Strong & On-the-fly disk encryption:
  • Rohos disk uses NIST approved AES encryption algorithm, 256 bit encryption key length. Encryption is automatic and on-the-fly.
  • Have a USB Key for access control:
  • You can use USB flash drive or security tokens like Aladdin eToken to access all of your secured disk automatically without the need to remember and enter password manually.
  • No risk of data loss:
  • Partition password reset option allows to create a backup file to access your secured disk if you forgot your password or loose USB key.
  • Secure shortcuts on the desktop:
  • Don’t worry about the shortcuts to the documents from the encrypted drive. Rohos automatically hide them from the desktop when secured drive gets offline.
  • Integrated File-shredder:
  • Any file or folder can be easily moved into Encrypted Rohos Disk with shredding afterwards. Right from File Explorer.
  • Expandable virtual drives:
  • Rohos allows to enlarge virtual encrypted partition any times you need.
  • Unlimited encryption capacity:
  • You can have unlimited number of additional encrypted virtual drives, over your network storage, USB flash drive or DVD-ROM. Virtual drives size is unlimited. Each secured drive can have a shurtcut to open it.
  • Doesn’t require Admin privileges:
  • You can access your virtual drive on the USB flash drive or DVD-ROM on any guest computer without having administrators rights.
  • Portable data security solution:
  • You can have a protected partition on your USB flash drive and access it on any computer. Rohos has a portable portion that can be installed into any USB flash drive along with a secured partition.
  • Administrator privileges (for installation)
  • 15 days trial
What’s New 
  • The encryption of folders and profiles of ICQ, Skype, QIP applications as well as Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox and Opera browsers or the entire ‘My documents’ folder.
  • We are constantly introducing new methods of data protection for users. Now, the data protection is triggered for numerous folders indicated in the Rohos Disk list by default.
  • Your chat history, contacts list and files exchanged should be protected and accessible only by you. Your web browsers’ passwords saved in Master Password and the history of your visits will be stored on the Rohos Disk and accessed only at your request.
  • Allow shared access to the encrypted Rohos disk:
  • One more secure and convenient feature is restriction of the access to the encrypted disk for users sharing the same computer. With this feature activated, the encrypted Rohos Disk becomes available for all of the local users (Windows Fast User switching) or network users.
  • By default “Allow shared access” option is disabled, it …

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