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Right Click Enhancer Portable FreewareThe Windows right-click menu includes a wide range of actions that are supposed to ease your work considerably. Right Click Enhancer Portable is a nice tool that was created to help you add and remove those entries that aren’t to your liking. The app comes with a simple interface that grants you access to all the important features. These are grouped under “Productivity Tools” and “Edit Right Click Menu”. The tool gives you power to control the context menu and modify it in any way. For instance, you may add commands that enable you to copy or move a file to a certain folder, to open an item in Notepad, to encrypt or copy the content to Clipboard. You may also add entries such as “God Mode” that opens the famous feature of Windows Vista and 7 or “Control Panel” that opens this location.  Any other shortcuts that you want to add to the right-click menu can be created with the help of the app. Furthermore, you may also delete or hide unwanted entries from the context menu or move these to the cascading menus. The app can be particularly useful because it enables you to modify this menu and add important features that can ease the everyday work. Since the program is portable, it doesn’t need to be installed on the computer, which means it shouldn’t leave any traces in the Registry. All in all, Right Click Enhancer Portable is a nice program that can be of great help. Inexperienced users should find it easy to work with, thanks to the intuitive interface. However, if there are any problems, it also includes an extensive help file that can be consulted at any time.
Right Click Enhancer Portable was developed as a simple and useful utility that provides you with various context menu options. Just check the checkbox and the option will be added to your right click context menu. Right Click Tweaker: As name tells this part of a Right Click Enhancer does some tweaks stuff. All of this tweaks are very useful for everyday work. It makes your life easier. All of the tweaks are listed below with there functionality. Files Type Editor: Is a tool that allows you to associate apps to extensions. Send To Manager: Allows user to add folder to their send to menu. So user can copy any files instantly to the selected location. User can remove it from the SendTo Manager.You can add folder shortcut directly by right clicking on it. New Menu Editor: Allow users to add and delete items from there right click new menu. Right Click Editor IE: Can be used to add, disable, and remove various right click context menu entries found in Internet Explorer. Right Click Enhancer Portable gives you power to control the right click menu everyone uses. You can also download Right Click Enhancer (installer version).
Here are some key features of “Right Click Enhancer Portable”: · Copy files and folders with ease · Create time-saving right click shortcuts · Time-saving right click hacks · Edit right click context menu with ease Requirements: · .NET Framework 4.0 What’s New  · Added new menu named Action in the main menu of all the tools that contains all the actions. · Fixed bug in File Types Editor that crashes application when trying to change the file type of the file extension with no file type associated with it. · Fixed bug in Smart Renamer that crashes application when MP3 file contains invalid header data.

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