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RIClock 1.0.0 DemoRIClock is an efficient and user-friendly software solution aimed to provide you with the ability of keeping your computer clock synchronized to the millisecond with the official hour in your time zone. Clean and functional user interface After installing the application, you can launch it from the optionally created desktop shortcut and begin working with it right away, since it does not require that much experience with similar tools in order to get the hang of it. The main window features a tabbed interface, allowing you to switch between the ‘World’, ‘Astro’ and ‘Atomic Time’, as well as the ‘Tray Clock’ and the ‘Stop Watch’, enabling you to set up your PC’s clock with ease. Set the time, adjust your notification area clock or find dialing codes RIClock helps you configure the computer time according to your region, country, locality or time zone. Similarly, it features a ‘TZ Map’, where you can manually identify the targeted location on the world map, or you can determine the ‘Call Dial Codes’ necessary when phoning from one country or continent to another. The program can help you set the PC clock to match a user-specified atomic time server available on the Internet, adjusting even the slightest difference in order to synchronize them perfectly. You can also learn the ‘Local Mean Sidereal Time’ or the ‘Local Julian Date’. Moreover, the utility enables you to customize your system tray clock, allowing you to choose a preferred background color, text font and border. You can display the ‘Long Time’, ‘Medium Time’, ‘Long Date’ or countless other formats, offering you a preview to see if you like its appearance or if it needs further adjustments. Useful time setting instrument To sum it up, RIClock is a handy and intuitive tool which can assist you not only in learning the exact current hour, but also in discovering the right calling codes when dialing abroad, providing you with several other time-related functions.
RIClock is an efficient tool offering you the world clock with astronomical local sidereal time and atomic time synchronization. It also features atopwatch with count-down, count-up chronometer and lap record log. The utility can provide you with city calling codes for international telephone dialing and a world map with local time on 2700+ cities. Choose up to 6 international clocks and look up local time on +2700 localities, in local time, UTC and Julian date time, even local Sidereal time, LMST, LAST, GMST, GAST. Time synchronize to Atomic clocks. NTP, DayTime and Time protocols to Internet Time Servers. Tray custom clock, your custom clock on the task bar. Stop-Watch, Count-down and Count-up chronometer. Lap times log stats, slowest, average and fastest lap.
  • 32MB RAM memory
  • 8MB hard disk
  • Cannot customize the tray clock
  • Cannot set the atomic time
  • Does not save changes
  • Nag screen

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