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Reuschtools CopyCD 1.2 FreewareReuschtools CopyCD is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software that provides you with the ability of cloning data from all popular disc types, enabling you to create backups of important data on the targeted CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays. Straight-forward user interface Following a brief installation process, you can find the application in the Start Menu, but you can also access it from the Windows context menu, when right-clicking on your CD drive. Reuschtools CopyCD features a very simple interface, functioning in a ‘point and shoot’ kind of way, as you do not need a lot of experience with similar software in order to be able to handle it properly. Select the source disc and the output format The main window features two menus, corresponding to the ‘Master’ and the ‘Copy’, the former allowing you to choose the source disc, while the latter lets you select a destination for the resulting data. Reuschtools CopyCD can work with CDs, (audio CD, CDFS and UDF) being able to rip music tracks as well as clone documents and photos, but not movies, so keep that in mind if you wish to use this utility. Similarly, you can load a folder of files from your computer and convert it to ISO, or select an existing ISO image and burn it onto a disc. As such, this program can very well serve as a backup instrument for all the information you have stored on various discs. Before proceeding to the final step, you also have the option of selecting the preferred ‘Burn Verification Level’, between ‘None’, ‘Quick’ and ‘Full’. Finally, you can press the ‘OK’ button, and within moments, Reuschtools CopyCD will perform the chosen operation, with no additional effort for you. Useful disc copier To sum it up, Reuschtools CopyCD is a handy and reliable application that enables you to duplicate items from CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays in just a few quick steps, saving you time in the process.
Reuschtools CopyCD is a multifunctional piece of software designed to create copies of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. It is the first choice when creating 30 photo CDs for the guests of the last family celebration. You can create multiple copies of the same disc with a single drive. The user has to wait until a copy is being ejected, remove it and insert a blank disc into the drive. Everything else is done by the software. A counter on the screen indicates how many copies were made. Reuschtools CopyCD copies the contents of a folder (eg. photo collection) directly onto a CD, DVD or a BluRay disc. Discs can be backed up to a folder or an ISO file and recopied to a blank disc later. You can copy the content of a folder into an ISO file of any size, only limited by the size of the hard disc. This may be usefull to protect a collection of photos from being modified.
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  • Handles multisession CDs, DVDs and BluRays

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