Registry Replace Trial

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Registry Replace Trial

A simple to use tool that enables you to fix various system errors by performing a detailed search and replace function on your registry

Registry Replace is a lightweight application designed to help you search for specific strings in your system registry and replace them. If you want to do a search and replace on your registry and are getting a lot of Access Denied errors, you can enable the “Modify registry security for keys I cannot access” option and RegReplace will attempt to modify the permissions on the key to get perform the function you have requested. Here are some key features of “Registry Replace”: · Quick Search of Registry Keys · Quick Search and Replace of Registry Keys · Custom Selection of Registry Key Types for searches · Creation of Registry Undo files · Easy to use interface · Easy Editing of found Registry Keys · Exporting Search Results to CSV or INF files · Open Microsoft’s RegEdit at found Registry Key locations · Connect to a remote machines Registry to perform Registry Replace functions · Enable Search and “Delete” for Registry Replace operation (if you want to be daring) · Auto Start and Auto Close (with Hiding of Window) for Automated Search and Replace operations (ie. Login scripts etc) Limitations: · 30 days trial What’s New · Added registry security functions to dynamically add permissions for keys that the current user does not have permission to · Added new option Search -> “Modify registry security for keys I cannot access” · Changed the 30 day detection code to be more reliable · Fixed a few minor bugs

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