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Every PC owner faces the problem of slow computer syndrome at some stage and one of the most common causes of this frustrating issue is the Windows registry.RegCleaner can help remedy annoying registry problems that are slowing down your PC.   RegCleaner is a small program that displays the data that holds your Operating System together. It does so using the raw values and as such, some of the entries may seem mystical to anyone that doesn’t have much experience of the Windows registry. For users who do know their way around, however, they will find this utility to be efficient and useful for weeding out any lingering entries such as unused file types, “dead” uninstall information, or unwanted startup services.   There is an automatic scan but it seems to be geared towards manual removal of entries. Good for quickly removing multiple keys, the lack of a confirmation dialog could lead to disaster, but as you work through various lists, everything you affect is backed-up, should you accidentally get trigger-happy.   We like the no-nonsense interface of RegCleaner, which suits users who have clear objectives in mind before opening the program. Conversely, if you aren’t confident around the registry, don’t expect any spoon-feeding from here. For that, you may want to look to alternatives such as Registry Repair or Registry Booster.   Overall, RegCleaner is a handy tool for all those that are plagued by registry problems and slow downs.    

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