Raise Data Recovery for ReiserFS 5.11.2 Demo

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Raise Data Recovery for ReiserFS 5.11.2 Demo

Self-service data recovery software for ReiserFS-formatted storages

With Raise Data Recovery for ReiserFS you may undelete your recently deleted files from ReiserFS file system as well as recover lost information even after severe file system damage. The software is intended for self-service recovery of lost information after file deletion, file system damage, disk partitions modifications, format and other factors caused data loss.  The software contains comprehensive tool set to recover lost information in most situations that might occur: it has set of deterministic and heuristic algorithms which allow to find lost information even in case of very severe file system damage. As the last chance you could enable the modern IntelliRAW engine that allows to recover good files even after complete file system metadata destruction and produce fair enough recovery result. Furthermore, Raise Data Recovery for ReiserFS will enable you to preview all the reoverable files.
Here are some key features of “Raise Data Recovery for ReiserFS”:
  • Host OS: Supported Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server. Raise Data Recovery works with Windows 7.
  • Recognized file systems: FAT and NTFS (Windows); HFS+/HFSX and old HFS (Apple Mac OS); Ext2, Ext3, Reiser and XFS (Linux); UFS and UFS2 (Unix, BSD, Sun Solaris; both Sparc/Power and x86/x64 editions); traditional NWFS (Novell Netware); vendor customizations to XFS and UFS file systems.
  • Multiple styles of disk partitions layout: Supported all major styles of disk partitions layout used with supported file systems.
  • RAID recovery: only supported with RAID Access Plugin – RAID Builder.
  • Recovery: lost file systems recovery, deleted files recovery (undelete) with real file names, damaged file systems reconstruction.
  • Localization: Raise Data Recovery identifies localized file names even on non-unicode file systems and recognizes UTF-16, UTF-8 and ASCII with local code pages.
  • Additional features: Save/restore scan results.
  • Cannot copy files above 64KB
  • Nag screen

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