QXmlEdit Freeware

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QXmlEdit Freeware

Edit XML files with this tool

QXmlEdit is a handy, easy to use, simple XML editor written in QT4. Its main features are unusual data visualization modes. It has some nice XML manipulation and presentation features and it is multi platform. This is one of the few graphical Open Source XSD viewer.
Here are some key features of “QXmlEdit”:
  • Configurable tag and attributes display
  • Compact view of items
  • Copy and paste of a whole subtree
  • Fast expansion and compression
  • Shortcuts for fast long trees navigation
  • Search in any tree component
  • Compact edit of elements
  • Base 64 element text handling
  • Powerful search filter and scopes
  • User definable display styles
  • XML snippets
  • Flex code generation from Balsamiq source
What’s New
  • Maintenance release (bugfix)

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