QSetup Demo

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QSetup Demo

Add the finishing touch to your latest program with a professional installation routine

QSetup is a comprehensive and efficient software that will enable users to easily create project packages. Our unique “Execution Engine” can handle your most challenging installation tasks. It’s so easy No need to read any manual, five minutes with QSetup together with its online exclusive help and you can create your first installation. Automatically generate a single-file, self-installing executable. Distribute your setup on any size or format of media, including web, email, ftp, CD-ROM, DVD, network drive. QSetup can also create Split Setup, where you supply your customers with a small Setup Kernel that will download the rest of the setup file automatically from the Internet.  QSetup designers made sure your program installation code size will be very small compared to other installers. Smaller code size contributes to faster downloads of programs distributed over the Internet When your setup is finally delivered, your customer will enjoy a highly professional and smooth installation experience. QSetup dialogs are highly meticulous and well balanced, adding professional touch to your software delivery.
Here are some key features of “QSetup”:
  • No Programming Required
  • Internet Ready, Self-Installing Executable
  • Compact Installation
  • Professional Impression
  • Auto-update
  • Execute Engine
  • Custom Dialogs
  • Tokenized Serial Numbers
  • Customizable Setup Dialog Interface
  • Billboard
  • Powerfull System Control
  • Extensive File Handling Options
  • Comprehensive UnInstall
  • Watermark on the output file
What’s New
  • Support for .NET Framework 4.5 & 4.5.1

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