PyMapper 8.0.11 Free

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PyMapper 8.0.11 Free

A simple to use and practical software solution for those who are looking to create RPG maps using various drawing tools and their own tiles

PyMapper is an application built using the Python programming language and wxPython in order to help the user create and edit RPG maps. PyMapper is a handy tool that’s compatible with any system, but leans toward the 3.5 edition. The tile images used to create the maps are provided by the user and can be any JPG or PNG format image. Finished maps can be printed scaled down or full size for easy use in your gaming sessions.
What’s New
  • Version 8.0 adds the fog-of-war to maps. This makes it possible for a DM/GM to create a map, and then place an overlay on top to hide features from players. The fog can be selectively removed as players move through the map.
  • A secondary display box (“Secondary Map Viewport”) is available to display on a projector, or just to save snapshots of the map state. For those of you using the room icon editor, the DEL key now works properly, instead of having to use SHIFT+DEL to remove characters.

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