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PowerAgenda 1.0.81 TrialPowerAgenda is a powerful add-in for PowerPoint whose main purpose is to create agendas which will be embedded inside presentations in a few simple clicks. The target audience are business users who through this add-in, will have the possibility to maintain and organize the slideshows according to a pre-established lineup. Simple installation and setup PowerAgenda takes only a few seconds to install and follows the trend of most PowerPoint plugins in what the implementation process is concerned. It creates a separate tab inside Microsoft’s platform, where it can be managed separately from the other functions of the editor. Inner workings of the program PowerAgenda relies on a slightly complicated algorithm, which is rather difficult to intuit. However, the suggestive tutorial presented on the developer’s site does shed some light in what usage is concerned. Basically, an agenda is made of the titles afferent to each and one of your slides. These should be specified in PowerAgenda’s main window, one on each row and will be automatically detected by the add-in inside the slideshow. Then, a page number is assigned for each slide; the upper advantage is that if you add or delete pages, the agenda is automatically updated, without user intervention. Rich customization options An agenda can have a custom title, but the rows inside it must coincide with the titles in the slideshow. Insofar as customization is concerned, you can set custom fonts for the heading, the rows and the table, as well as to decide what colors should be used for the rows and the default position of the agenda. You can also choose the location of the agenda, such as in the current slide or in a new slide altogether. All of these modifications can be previewed before you actually apply them, which is again, very useful. The verdict PowerAgenda can be a good asset for business users who rely on PowerPoint to make rich presentations. It provides a more organized way to expose ideas more clearly and integrates perfectly within Microsoft’s presenter.
PowerAgenda is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint designed for the creation of agendas, which will be inserted inside the presentation with the utmost ease. With its aid, you will be able to create agenda slides in less than 30 seconds and to update all agenda slides in less than 10 seconds.
  • 30 days trial
What’s New 
  • Minor bug fix from previous version. Adjustment of agenda placement is working even if the user is not positioned on an agenda slide.

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