Portable Task Coach 1.3.34 Freeware

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Portable Task Coach 1.3.34 FreewareThis is the portable version of Task Coach – an app designed to help you keep track of your schedule by providing you with a user-friendly environment. Since installation is not necessary, you can store Portable Task Coach on an external device (like a USB flash drive), save it to any computer and directly run its executable file. More importantly, there are no changes made to the Windows registry and no leftover files can be found after program removal. The interface of the tool is plain and easy to work with; you can start a new task by writing a subject and description. But you can also set a priority level, specify dates (e.g. planned start date, reminder, recurrence) and the budget (e.g. hourly fee, revenue), as well as create categories and effort tasks. Furthermore, you can add notes and attachments, use a search function, customize the appearance (e.g. foreground color, icon), merge Task Coach files, as well as import and edit templates. From the ‘Preferences’ area you can make the app automatically create a backup copy before overwriting project files, change the interface language and default task dates, as well as specify task reminders and appearance colors, among others. The program requires a moderate amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and includes a help file. We have not come across any problems during our tests; Portable Task Coach did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Inexperienced users may take some time to get acquainted with the features provided by the tool.
Portable Task Coach is an easy-to-use task manager that can run from a USB flash drive or any other portable device. Portable Task Coach was designed as a simple and open source software that can help you manage composite tasks/ notes and todo lists. Now, you can use this accessible software to plan all your events and keep important notes. You can also download Task Coach (installer version).
Here are some key features of “Portable Task Coach”:
  • Hierarchical tasks, notes, categories
  • Time tracking
  • Reminders
  • Recurring tasks
What’s New 
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Silence the AttributeError problem in PyPubSub. (1456)
  • Fix some problems when saving the task file to a Dropbox folder.
  • Performance improvement when reading the task file.
  • Split date and time when exporting efforts to CSV. (1472)

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