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Portable RIOT 0.5.2 FreewareSometimes your pictures don’t have best optimization settings. In order to make corrections, proper tools are required, such as the Portable RIOT. Radical Image Optimization Tool is a program that can help you process images with the best compression ratio and quality. This makes it easier to optimize the photos for websites and emails. The software has a simple interface, holding the before and after images at the center of the frame. You can automatically preview the resulting image, as it updates immediately after each alteration. In order to better see the changes, you can zoom in and zoom out of the picture, display the images at their full size or make the picture fit the frame. Also, Portable RAID comes with a function called “in-place compare” that enables you to alternatively display the original image over the optimized image to notice all the changes. The app can save JPEG, GIF and PNG files with a few simple steps. Thus, you can modify the quality and chroma subsampling, as well as the encoding for JPG, choose a color palette and a number of colors for GIFs and PNGs. Further adjustments can be made in regards of the picture’s brightness, contrast and gamma values. You can also invert the colors. Furthermore, the app also comes with a function that enables you to keep or remove metadata. The program lets you know which type of metadata is included with the photo (IPTC, Adobe XMP, EXIF profile, ICC profile or comments) and gives you the opportunity to remove it. Portable RIOT also supports batch conversion. Files can be loaded individually or as entire directories. Additional tasks that can be applied include flipping, rotating, resizing and compressing all the selected pictures. All in all, Portable RIOT is a nice app that can be of use when you need a fast working tool. One of the major advantages of this program is its flexibility, as it can be run from any portable device, without having to install it on your computer.
Portable RIOT was designed as an accessible version of RIOT developed to be able to run from a USB flash drive or any other portable device. RIOT, also known as Radical Image Optimization Tool, is a software utility developed to help you process images for web / e-mail / other media with the best compression ratio and quality. You can also download RIOT (installer version).
Here are some key features of “Portable RIOT”:
  • open many image types including rare/scientific types
  • (up to 128 bpp, integer and floating point).
  • save and optimize JPEG, GIF and PNG with a simple, clean user interface
  • works in dual view: (original – optimized image) or single view (optimized image).
  • in-place compare function (alternativelly display the original image over the optimized image to notice small pixel changes)
  • compress files to desired filesize threshold
  • fast processing (all is done in memory);
  • batch support (process multiple files at once)
  • transparency handling options
  • decide if you want to keep metadata (comments, IPTC, Adobe XMP, EXIF profiles, ICC profiles).
  • unsupported metadata is removed
  • transfer metadata between image formats (destination format must support them)
  • common tools: pan and zoom, rotate, flip
  • visually reduce number of unique colors for PNG and GIF images in order to reduce filesize
  • (two quantization methods are available: Xiaolin Wu and NeuQuant neural net)
  • resize image by using well known resample filters (ex: Lanczos3, Catmull Rom, Bicubic, and others)
  • out-of-the-box support for external PNG optimizers (optipng, pngout, etc)
  • the compression and the results are comparable to those of commercial products, even higher.
  • adaptive logarithmic tone mapping algorithm (Drago) used for HDR images
What’s New 
  • fixed r s h l v keys prohibited in batch->output path
  • fixed filesize different single file vs batch mode if image is resized and using automatic mode.The original was analyzed instead of the resized one in batch mode.
  • fixed RIOT stops opening images after switching to batch mode and back
  • fixed scrollbar flicker
  • fixed loading of TGA 8-bit files with a palette size greater that 256
  • fixed TIFF parser didn’t initialize the memory with zeros in stripped mode. This caused random bitmap data if the tiff file was corrupted/invalid.

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