Portable Restore Point Creator 2.2 Build 14 Freeware

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Portable Restore Point Creator 2.2 Build 14 FreewareKeeping the system updated and with all the important files backed up is essential if we are to avoid losing vital data or spend entire hours to fix things in case a crash occurs. The simplest method provided by Windows is through the creation of system restore points. However, managing them can be a bit tricky, so a specialized tool would be recommended. Among the dedicated utilities that were made for this job, Portable Restore Point Creator aims to simplify as much as possible everything for you. Able to run without requiring installation, it is only portable from that point of view, more precisely you can carry and run it from a storage device. Unfortunately, the portability stops there because it writes the settings to a file onto the hard drive of the computer it is deployed. As soon as you run this program for the first time, it will scan the PC and identify all the restore points that have been created so you can view them alongside the corresponding details. Thus, you can view the description and date of creation for each restore point, as well as its type. You can create a checkpoint with a single mouse click and restore your system to an earlier state just as easily. The restore points on the list can be deleted in order to gain more disk space and this operation should be carried out regularly, especially on drives with limited free space. Scheduling the creation and deletion of restore points is also possible through this tool, as is the management of storage space used when making them. You can configure how often the old checkpoints should be removed as well as the frequency of creating new restore points. All in all, given the quite good feature set that Portable Restore Point Creator comes with, coupled with its ease of use, the application should attract a lot of users. The only major downside at this time is the lack of a true portability.
Portable Restore Point Creator is a handy and reliable utility designed to create system restore points in a very simple manner. Providing a user-friendly interface, Portable Restore Point Creator spears you the time you’d spend generating restore points manually by accomplishing the job for you. The restore points can be created on demand or generated based on a user-defined schedule.  
What’s New 
  • Fixed the crash window in which the crash data wasn’t being loaded into the textbox. I commented out the code by mistake.

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