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Portable Personal Finance 3.1.3 FreewareFinance management can prove to be a tricky business for more people than you’d think, and there are many who resort to spreadsheets for tracking their expenses on a monthly basis. If you are one of these persons and you want to get a firmer grasp over your budget, you can try Portable Personal Finance. Portable financial management The application does not require any installation so you can simply carry it on your portable USB flash drive and open it whenever you want to add a new expense to the list. The interface is highly intuitive so you can start by specifying your income sources and the current balance for each of them. Moreover, you also get to organize all your expenses in groups, such as meals, entertainment, clothes, household, transportation and so on – if you are not satisfied with the default groups, you can add custom ones or remove them. Preview and manage debts Since the whole point of efficient financial management is to steer clear of debts, it comes as no surprise that Portable Personal Finance features a dedicated component for keep track of debts and repaying them. You can also generate detailed reports so as to get a clear overview of your budget status, then save them for later analysis. Additionally, you can also create charts for each month or year, representing the evolution of your income or debt over time. In real life, you can create schedule bank transactions so you do not need to worry every month about transferring money to a specific account, so Portable Personal Finance features the same functionality, thus helping you replicate all your financial moves. Conclusion To wrap it up, the application can prove a reliable solution for all those who are getting overwhelmed by all the monthly bills and expenses so they need a little help efficiently manage their income.
Personal Finance is a cross-platform home accountancy software for managing your finances. Behind external simplicity is the power of mathematical methods, allowing you to be always well informed of your financial condition.
  • processor with 500 MHz and more powerful (recommended)
  • 16 MB free hard disk space for program installation
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB or more recommended)
  • 3-month trial period

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