Portable HDDExpert Freeware

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Portable HDDExpert Freeware

An intuitive and reliable software solution for all those who want to quickly assess the current health status of their hard disk

Portable HDDExpert can come in handy to all users who want to effortlessly check the health and performance levels of their hard disk. Once the information is extracted, users can evaluate it and take the necessary steps to ensure their HDD does no crash.  You can also download HDDExpert (installer version)
What’s New 
  • [New Feature] 0xB4 – Unused Reserved Block Count Total
  • [Refactoring] STxxxxx with no manufacturer detected shall use “Seagate”
  • [New Feature] Indication of total disk capacity (below disk indication, as well as temp ?)
  • [Refactoring] Rename Error/Damage frame (confusing)
  • [Bug] Incorrect “Command Timeout” decoding
  • [Refactoring] Temperature attribute with 0x00 raw data shall be indicated N/A
  • [New Feature] Log shall indicate if administrator rights are granted
  • [New Feature] Windows 8.1 support in log file

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