Podium Free 3.2.1 Freeware

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Podium Free 3.2.1 Freeware

A fast and dependable application that allows you to easily mix-up various audio files, as well as add effects to each sound played

Podium Free provides users with a complex environment ideal for sound mixing and track recording. Each project that you create can contain an unlimited number of arrangements and also a library of preset objects. The built-in file browser enables you to find the audio tracks easily. The files are organized in a hierarchic tree structure, containing their visual layout, so the editing process is even more easier. The mixer provides users with easy access to controls and precision metering, while the sequences and sounds can be pasted on tracks. The application comes with multicore and multiprocessor support, so that the plugins performance is maximized. Note: The free version has some limitations (MIDI interface setup is limited to one input and one output; the following features are disabled: 64-bit mixer engine, plugin multiprocessing, ReWire, Surround-sound playback). You can download Podium in order to use all the features of the program. 
Here are some key features of “Podium Free”:
  • Object based project structure
  • Customizable user interface
  • Hierarchic engine
  • Advanced recording and editing options
  • Edit actions do not interrupt playback
  • Audio bounce tracks
  • VST plugins support
  • MIDI and audio routing of an external device
  • Mixer busses
  • Multi-channel audio
  • 800 MHz CPU
  • 512 MB system memory
  • Graphics card with 32 MB memory
  • Minimum display resolution of 1024×600
  • Sound card with ASIO or MME driver (ASIO recommended)
What’s New
  • Podium Free is available as both 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (x86) builds.
  • Support for Unicode file names and text input.
  • New “Control Surfaces” page in the Audio/MIDI setup dialog. Up to eight Mackie Control compatible devices can be configured.
  • Support for jBridge x86/x64 VST plugin wrapper.
  • The installer allows specifying separate installation paths for Podium Free and the bundled Zynewave plugins.
  • The installer includes an updated Podium Guide html document. Selecting context help in Podium will open this document instead of opening the online guide on the Zynewave website.
  • Included a new Podium Release History html document that can be opened from the Podium Help menu.
  • Reorganized the edit menu. Inactive menu commands that were previously hidden are now shown as grayed out, to make the appearance of the edit menu more consistent.
  • Added several new edit menu commands to the note, curve and arrangement editors. Some of the commands open dialogs for adjusting velocities, transposition,…

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