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Picture Transfer Companion FreewarePicture Transfer Companion is a useful tool for the users who need to transfer images and videos from an iPhone. The program allows you to establish a direct connection between the PC and your device in order to transfer the files. If you want to download the photos from your iPhone and do not have a cable, this program aims to help you by using a wireless connection. In order to create the connection you need to install the application on the computer and download the mobile app on the phone to start transferring files.  The program is designed to facilitate the data transfer without having to configure the phone. It uses the Bonjour detection service to automatically find the compatible devices. When you are launching the companion application, the main window provides you with step by step instructions on how to start using it. Basically, you just need to connect both devices to the same network and tap the Import button from the iPhone app. In order to upload a file you need to drop it on the main window and the program takes care of the rest. The Picture Transfer app can also export images to the PC, in which case the companion simply prompts you for the location where you want to save it. Picture Transfer Companion makes multimedia transfer an easy task for any user that can connect the iPhone to the PC with a wireless network. If you are having problems establishing the connection, an online troubleshooting guide can be accessed from the main window.
Picture Transfer Companion allows you to transfer images and movies between multiple devices without using a cable. The program allows you to use the wireless network connection in order to detect the iPhone. You can use the application to transfer your images without having to configure the connection manually. Note: In order to use the application you need to install the mobile app.

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