PhotoSorter 1.1.0 Freeware

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PhotoSorter 1.1.0 FreewareOrganizing large collections of photos can be a time-consuming task, especially when you must perform the operation manually. Fortunately, there are software tools such as PhotoSorter that can give you a helping hand in this matter. PhotoSorter provides a fast way to sort photos and images stored on your computer, enabling you to save both time and effort. Despite its simplicity, the application can prove to be very useful when you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of images that are not categorized. The interface of PhotoSorter is actually a single window where you can find all the configuration options, not that there are so many. First off, you are required to select the target folder where your categorized image collection will be stored. The application enables you to add as many pictures as you want, but unfortunately, it cannot select an entire folder, which means that you have to explore the content of a directory and choose the images you want it to process. Also, you can remove multiple images from the list by holding ‘CTRL’ and selecting them with the mouse. The main comparison criteria is the creation date, but you can instruct PhotoSorter to take into consideration content as well. As such, all the pictures are saved into separate folders whose names are actually the creation date. Images can be either copied or moved. In the latter case, the application saves you the effort of having to delete the original images once the sorting operation is completed. PhotoSorter could use some improvements to enhance its functionality. For instance, it would be useful to have more sorting criteria at the user’s disposal. Even so, it is worth trying when you are stuck with lots and lots of unsorted photos. PhotoSorter is a lightweight application that can help you ordering your photos and organize them much easier. The application can sort photos by date and content, organizing them in different directories.

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