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PhotoSift 1.0 FreewarePhotoSift is a reliable and practical software solution worth having when you need to organize and manage unsorted images into specific folders with ease. Adopting a straightforward approach, the application inspects each picture and enables you to move or to copy it to a target folder, depending on the action you choose to use. First off, you need to decide where images will be copied or moved when you press a random key on your keyboard. By accessing the ‘Set Target Base Folder’ from the File menu, you are able to set the destination folder. In case you won’t change it, all your photos will be saved to the default folder where the application’s installer is located in. After that, you need to choose the action you want to perform, although the default one is to move your files. However, you can change it from the Settings window, located in the Edit menu. Additionally, you are able to modify the delete mode, the appearance style such as background color and label font, as well as change the controls and the display to ‘Always Show’, ‘Always Hide’, ‘Fullscreen Only’ and ‘Windowed Only’. Afterward, PhotoSift enables you to add as many images as you want by simply dropping them on the main window or selecting either the ‘Add Images’ or ‘Add from Folder’ option. Now that you have loaded your preferred pictures, you can browse them using the arrows from your keyboard. When a picture is displayed, you need to simply press a letter or number key, then let the application to move or copy the files to another folder, organizing them accordingly. For instance, if you load three images and assign them different keys such as ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’, you will notice that PhotoSift is able to organize your photos in folders with the same name of the pressed keys. To conclude, PhotoSift is a useful application that comes in handy for users who need to organize large amounts of unsorted images.
PhotoSift is a reliable utility helping you to quickly organize unsorted image libraries. The basic idea is to load the program with images, then show and inspect each picture and press a key on the keyboard. The image will then be moved or copied to a folder of your choice corresponding to that key, and the next images is displayed. This allows you to rapidly go through and organize your large amounts of pictures
Here are some key features of “PhotoSift”:
  • Organize unsorted images
  • Rename or delete files
  • Highly configurable
  • Various inspection tools

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