PDF Index Generator 2.0 Demo

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PDF Index Generator 2.0 Demo

A simple and efficient application for you to generate your PDF document’s index, allowing you to customize the process while saving you a lot of time

PDF Index Generator is a powerful indexing utility for generating an index from your book and writing it to your book in four easy steps. PDF Index Generator will parse your document, collect the index words as well as their location and then generate the index to a PDF or TXT file. The main purpose of this application is to automate the generating of the book index rather than performing the hard work manually. Here are some key features of “PDF Index Generator”: · Ability to specify the book’s pages to include/exclude from the index. · Ability to specify the words to force include/exclude them from the index. · Ability to edit the generated index before saving it (skip some words, add new words, edit words, …) · Ability to append the generated index to your book, or save it to a new pdf or text file. · Ability to specify after which page in the book do you want to write the generated index. · PDF Index Generator supports PDFs of latin languages. · PDF Index Generator comes with a number of words categories containing the most famous English words( verbs – prepositions – . . . ) to exclude them. You can also create your own categories, and you can import/export them too. · PDF Index Generator does not require Adobe Acrobat to be installed. Requirements: · Java JRE 6.0 or above · 1 GB Ram · 100 MB HDD space Limitations: · Can index only the first 10 pages in the PDF · Nag screen What’s New  · Ability to create cross-references in the Index. · PDF Index Generator – point · Ability to filter Step3 results by cross-references. · PDF Index Generator – point · Ability to print Step3 table which contains all index terms. · PDF Index Generator – point · Added a setting to specify what to do with imported words that already exist in the table(Duplicate/overwrite/replace/ignore). · PDF Index Generator – point · Opening a project shows a message with any missing categories in the program. · PDF Index Generator – point · Added a popup menu for all program lists to filter any list contents. · PDF Index Generator – point · Fixed a number of internal problems.

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