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Password Manager XP 3.2 Build 620 TrialPassword Manager is a tool that allows you to safely store your passwords on your hard drive or external device. The interface of the application is plain and simple, so you can get started by creating a database. You can give your new database a name and description, assign it a password, set its output directory, as well as add users and groups. Furthermore, you can select the encryption algorithm that will have the role of protecting your database (e.g. 384-bit key, 128-bit key), configure parameters (e.g. concurrent write access, remember data sort order, override global automatic closure timeout) and set backup options (you can use global settings or customize them). Once your database has been created, you can add a new record by specifying general attributes (title, user name, account, URL, password), along with advanced ones (e.g. date of creation, modification and expiration, user who modified it) and options concerning files (attach, extract, remove, view properties). In addition, you can set up columns, copy information to the clipboard, synchronize a new database, use a backup and restore system, remove corrupted file attachments, import and export records, customize fields, set permissions, use a search function and a random password generator, view logs, and more. Password Manager uses a very low amount of system resources and includes a complete help file with guidelines and snapshots. We haven’t come across any problems during our tests. Since this software is able to please both beginners and experienced users, we strongly recommend it for anyone.
Password Manager XP is a useful and easy-to-use program that helps you manage and organize any secret information stored on your PC. It will be your passwords and secrets keeper. Protect your private data with this password management utility. Password Manager XP allows you to create several databases for storing your secret information. Each database has an access password and is encrypted with various algorithms at the same time (Blowfish, 3DES, Rijndael, Tea, Cast128, RC4, Serpent, Twofish). Password Manager XP is a security tool that allows you to protect your stored data. Importantly, no temporary files are ever created, guaranteeing the encrypted data will never be intercepted. The blocks of information are cleared from the computer memory as soon as they are no longer needed. And if the program is left idle for a set period of time, it will automatically shut down, making sure no one gets access to any sensible information. You can store data in different databases using your own passwords. Also, you can create passwords databases at shared resource and you can access them from multiple computers across the network. Install to removable device Wizard will help you to install the Password Manager XP to the removable devices such a USB flash drives. It is easily integrated into Microsoft Internet Explorer. It helps you to surf the Web more safely. Password Manager XP has a built-in password generator with many adjustable functions. Password Manager XP is ideal for workgroup use. The program lets several users get access to the password databases. Importantly, access rights and privileges can be regulated. All changes inside the database are logged, giving the system administrator complete control over the users’ actions. Password Manager XP has a built-in customizable password generator. The program comes with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and adjust. Password Manager XP is your personal Password Keeper!
Here are some key features of “Password Manager XP”:
  • Support of the following encryption algorithms (can be used together): Blowfish, 3DES, Rijndael, Tea, Cast128, RC4, Serpent, Twofish;
  • No unencrypted temporary files ever created;
  • Memory blocks are cleared when no longer needed;
  • Built-in password generator;
  • Support for multiple databases;
  • Ability to access passwords databases from multiple computers across the network;
  • Adjustable user privileges per given database;
  • Permissions can be set for folders or even individual records;
  • Concurrent write access to a database for multiple users;
  • NT authentication support;
  • Logging of all data changes;
  • Printing and ability to create custom print templates;
  • Integration into Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  • Ability to store passwords databases and the program itself on the removable devices such a USB flash drives;
  • Backup and restoring of passwords databases;
  • Export and import to/from CSV and TXT files;
  • Ability to check for the expired passwords on Windows start;
  • Program can be minimized to system tray;
  • Information sorting options;
  • Handy and easy adjustable interface;
  • Multilingual user interface (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Chinese, Korean, Danish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Greek, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Hebrew, Turkish, Farsi, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian);
  • XP themes support.
  • 30 days trial period
  • You’ll be able to create only 2 databases with maximum 30 password records in each
  • Nag screen
What’s New
  • fixed: Internet Explorer integration on 32-bit Windows
  • fixed: License check for other running instances

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