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Password Express for Windows 8.1 FreewarePassword Express is an efficient yet very easy to use piece of software developed specifically for systems running Windows 8.1, that can be installed from the Store and used to organize your numerous access credentials. Clean-cut and intuitive interface The first time you run the application, you are given the possibility of setting up a password which you can use to access it from then on, and this way, you can make sure your credentials are kept safe; however, it can always be changed from the ‘Settings’ section. Password Express features a simple and straight-forward appearance, not unlike a lot of Metro tools, allowing you to easily view and work with your account access details. Add and manage your passwords To create a new record, you can right click in the main window and select the ‘Add’ option from the toolbar. You will then be able to enter the ‘Title’, ‘Username’, ‘Password’, ‘URL’, ‘Description’, and some ‘Additional Information’, if you feel it is necessary. Moreover, Password Express allows you to browse through your computer and load an image for each entry, so you can distinguish between your numerous website access credentials by their logo or any other picture relevant for that account. Finally, you can hit ‘Save’ and the utility will list the information in the main window, enabling you to view it whenever you need, or edit it, in case any changes occur. To make sure you do not lose all your data in case of a system failure, Password Express lets you create a backup and save it to a preferred location on your PC. Handy credentials organizer To summarize, Password Express is a helpful and user-friendly program created for Windows 8.1, to help you keep all your login information in a single location, sparing you from having to remember countless usernames and passwords for the various online accounts that you own.
Password Express for Windows 8.1 was created to help you if you have too many passwords to remember. Is it a hassle to write your passwords on a piece of paper only to forget where you left the paper. Password Express lets you manage all your passwords in one place conveniently, quickly, and with peace of mind. It features a powerful search bar to look for the password you need immediately. Use a master password to secure your information within the application, then cack up and save your list of passwords in case of any malfunctions.
Users are advised to pay attention while installing this ad-supported application:
  • Displays ad banners or other types of advertising material during its runtime

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