ownCloud 1.5.1 Freeware

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ownCloud 1.5.1 Freeware

Store your private data in the cloud

ownCloud is a file-sharing application that will allow you to upload your files to an online server then share them with friends. You simply need to select the folders you want to synchronize, and ownCloud will enable you to access them across multiple devices. NOTE: If you want to use more than 5 GB of storage, you need to purchase a license.
What’s New 
  • New owncloud propagator that skips the vio abstraction layer
  • Add owncloudcmd to replace the ocsync command line tool
  • Localize Windows installer
  • Allow to sign in and out
  • Ask for password if missing
  • Introduce activity view
  • Introduce black list for files which could not be synced
  • Enabling accessbility by shipping accessibility enables on OS X (#736)
  • Toggle Settings window when clicking on systray icon on Win and KDE (#896)
  • FolderWizard: Sanitize error detection (#1201)
  • Set proper enable state of blacklist button after the dialog was opened
  • Set proper tooltips in blacklist
  • Translatable error messages for file errors
  • Add man page for owncloudcmd (#1234)
  • Don’t close setup wizard when the initial sync run is started
  • Close the sync journal if a folder gets removed (#1252)
  • Activity: Avoid horizontal scrollbar (#1213)
  • Fix crash (#1229)
  • Resize wizard appropriately (#1130)
  • Fix account identity test (#1231)
  • Maintain t…

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