Network Eagle Monitor Pro 4.21 Build 1407 Trial

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Network Eagle Monitor Pro 4.21 Build 1407 Trial

Monitor the entire network for availability automatically to ensure 100% uptime

Network Eagle Monitor Pro is a network monitor created to inform you of your network problems before your clients or managers do. You can monitor the network, servers, network services, hosts, devices, applications and databases. By running regular checks, the program proactively monitors the critical devices for availability and health and immediately alerts you when it detects a problem. You can get alerts in a variety of different ways, including sound, email, instant message, SMS, etc.  To resolve a problem automatically, it can be set to run an external program or a user-written Java or VB script automatically. The detailed information about the problem is recorded to a log file for future reference. Network Eagle Monitor lets you get started right out of the box without having to spend weeks and even months of installation and training that larger products require. Using the set of its intuitive wizards, you can set up checks for hundreds of targets and have them executed at regular intervals of time. The list of checks is impressive. The program can ping server, test TCP port, check HTTP URL (with HTTP auth), test FTP link, check disk space usage, execute external commands and check their return code, check databases via ODBC, monitor MS SQL server via native interface, monitor local and network printers, and that’s just the beginning! You can write your own check scripts using JS and VBS or any other script provider such as Active Perl and Active Python. The program makes it possible to set dependencies between monitoring checks, so that they will be disabled/enabled by Network Eagle Monitor automatically depending on the results of other checks. Network Eagle Monitor is a definite benefit for enterprises with many servers and hundreds of users. Here are some key features of “Network Eagle Monitor Pro”: Available Checks: · Ping check · TCP port check · FTP check (existence of FTP directory or file) · HTTP link existence (availability) check · HTML page content check · Disk Space check · External Command Exit Code Check · Database Check (including MS SQL via SQL-DMO) · User script check (generally VB Script or JScript) · Check process (either locally or remotely) · Check NT Service (either locally or remotely) · NT EventLog messages check (either locally or remotely) · Monitoring the existence and modifications of a file · RAS Server check · Printer status check · Simple Network Management Protocol Check · Directory check. Testing file size and/or file count within specified directory either locally or remotely Available alerts and actions: · Execute shell command · Play specified sound · Send mail · Log event to Syslog daemon · Custom Script Execution alert · Write to NT Eventlog · Restart computer · Maintain status of NT Service (start/stop/restart) · Run SQL script · Send SMS Additional features: · Most useful alerts can be configured beforehand and stored in special repository · Advanced logging of all check/alert events (including automatic log rotation support) · Separation of checks into groups and flexible groups maintenance · Support of automatic start/stop checking depending on result of other checks · Useful statistic information for every check · Ability to run as Windows Service · Support of secure HTTP & SMTP methods of authentication · Unique popup log window to notify local user about all type of events · On-screen-display (OSD) window to notify local user Limitations: · 30 days trial · nag screen What’s New  · Fixed critical bug in wizards.

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