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NetOp Remote Control 10.50 Build 2011248 TrialTroubleshooting software issues on local or remote systems is a job for network administrators or professionals, since it may involve some complicated procedures which require advanced knowledge and specialized utilities as well. For those who are interested in auditing all the software and hardware components, NetOp Remote Control is an application that aims to provide some much needed assistance. Simple GUI for complex tasks This tool was created with practicality as the main goals, therefore less was invested in the actual appearance. Nonetheless, far from being a dull program insofar as its looks are concerned, NetOp Remote Control clearly favors functionality. All the features are at hand and little time has to be spent for finding one tool or another. Through the use of several tabs, this app makes it possible to view and configure connections, communication, services, messages, names and other attributes. Guest/host connections and management of assets NetOp Remote Control offers all the necessary functions for administering both host and guest systems, but not from a single console. Instead, each module is accessible independently and can be configured in great detail, thanks to the well-provided options area. For each established connection it is possible to perform a wide variety of operations, like transferring files, chatting, deploying programs on the remote PC, sending messages or getting a full inventory of the hardware and software components. The customizations that can be made to Netop Host and Netop Guest are numerous and cover everything from notifications, audio-video chat and remote printing, up to logon settings, data encryption, and inventory items. Remote computer administration and auditing NetOp Remote Control seems to carry just about enough features to make the job easier for those who have to take care of system resources for all the PCs connected to the same network. This software solution comes with a decent set of functions, but it may be a bit time-consuming to configure it in detail.
NetOp Remote Control is the complete solution for the service and support of your computers: from the completion of complex remote maintenance and file transfer, through remote user support, to network-wide software and hardware inventorying. All these functions come under a single, intuitive GUI, securely protected by sophisticated authentication, encrypted connections and comprehensive rights management.
Here are some key features of “NetOp Remote Control”:
  • Remote Control – Host desktop display as full screen or window, Host control via keyboard and mouse. Remote execution of commands and programs, as well as log-off, switch-off, reboot and Wake-on-LAN. Multiple sessions for simultaneous access of multiple Guest users to the same host.
  • Remote Management – Full access to system control, services, registry, task manager, event logs, approvals and consoles.
  • File Transfer – High-performance file manager with drag and drop support for copying, moving, synchronizing and cloning of files.
  • Inventory – Remote collection of hardware and software information.
  • Demonstration – Guest user can show his screen to the Host while mask off selectible applications.
  • Simple Automation – Scripting for automation of scheduled tasks, e.g. data transfers or inventory scanning.
  • Help Request Mode – Simple request for technical support by the user at the helpdesk provided. Firewall-friendly through optimum use of HTTP protocol via port 80.
  • Flexible Communication – Audio, video and text chats and transmission of messages to Host computers in Rich Text Format.
  • Session Record for Audit – Comprehensive recording of all activity on host and guest computer. Optional recording of complete sessions as video files.
  • Central Installation – Central, network-wide roll-out of the NetOp hosts with help of the NetOp Deployment Utilities, MSI installation with Transform Editor.
  • Broad Platform Support – Software for management of all current platforms including support of terminal servers and mobile units (optional).
  • Diverse Communication Protocols – Support of all current communication protocols, e.g. TCP/IP, UDP, IPX, NetBios, dial-in connections, infrared and Terminal Server.
  • Excellent Performance – One of the fastest solutions worldwide. Works rapidly even on low bandwidth due to the use of self-developed compression processes and algorithms.
  • Leading Security Functions – Encryption of entire data traffic with 256-bit AES and support of leading authentication and authorization systems such as Smartcards, RSA Secure ID and Directory Services. Remote logon using Smartcard.
  • High Scalability – Can be scaled to any network size by means of special functions such as flexible group management, telephone book function and deployment of the Security Server. Integration in Directory Service, inclusion in existing management systems is possible.
  • Reliable, future-proof technology – Leading solution from a company with 20 years’ experience in the development of remote solutions.
  • Memory: Guest: OS requirement plus additional 16 MB (32 MB or more recommended); Other modules: OS requirement plus additional 12 MB (16 MB or more recommended).
  • Video: Any 100% VGA compatible graphics adapter supported by Windows.
  • Disk Space: Each module requires less than 15 MB
  • Communications:
  • TCP/IP (IPv4): Winsock 1.1 or compatible.
  • TCP/IP (IPv6): Winsock 2.0 or compatible (Windows 2003 and XP)
  • IPX: Microsoft NWLink or Novell IPX.
  • NetBIOS: IBM, Microsoft, Novell or compatible NetBIOS.
  • Windows modem: TAPI version 1.4 or compatible.
  • Digital modem: Modem supporting the AT command set.
  • Analog modem: Modem supporting the AT command set.
  • ISDN/CAPI: ISDN adapter with a CAPI 2.0 driver.
  • Infrared: Windows Server 2003, XP, 2000 or 98 with IrDA enabled.
  • Multimedia: Sound adapter with recording mixer support
  • Database: RSA SecurID ACE/Server 5.2; RSA SecurID ACE/Agent 5.5 or later
  • Security: MSI 2.0
  • 30 days trial period
What’s New 
  • Blank screen:
  • The Blank Screen feature has been enhanced to provide better compatibility for Hosts running on Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008 including 64-bit versions.
  • If permitted, the Blank Screen feature allows the Netop Guest to turn off the signal to the monitor used by the Netop Host machine allowing the Guest to continue the remote control session without the end user viewing the activity.
  • This can prove useful in situations where system administration or support specific commands, shortcuts or accounts are utilized and should not be known to the end user.
  • To support these newer Windows operating systems, a new Netop Monitor driver is installed when the Blank Screen feature is used, providing this feature is permitted for use in the Guest access permissions as defined on the Host or the Security Server.
  • This is a one-time operation and will take a few moments to complete and, if successful, the Guest will be notified that the Black Screen feature is active. The Guest wi…

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