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NetBScanner 1.08 FreewareNetBScanner is intended to help administrators monitor all the workstations in their network and obtain detailed information about each computer. Relying on the NetBIOS protocol, this application is capable of scanning all the IP addresses in a range of your choice. Each time you launch it, you are prompted to specify the range of IP addresses to scan. By default, it chooses the range found in the adapter configuration, but you can reduce or extend it. The scanning speed is also adjustable.  While a higher speed saves you a bit of time, it also lowers the reliability of the NetBIOS protocol, which might lead to less accurate scanning results (some computers might be missed). Also, please make sure that port 137 (used by NetBIOS) is not blocked. Depending on the range length, the scanning process takes more or less time to complete. The results are displayed within the main window, in an organized manner. The IP addresses are shown, along with the name of the located computer, the workgroup it is part of, the MAC address, as well as the network adapter manufacturer (this information is determined based on the MAC address). Additionally, it enables you to view which PC is a master browser. Optionally, you can choose which one of these columns should be visible and which one hidden, as well as change their order as you feel fit. One or more records can be selected and exported to various output formats, namely plain TXT files, CSV, XML, HTM or HTML. Alternatively, you can instruct the application to generate a HTML report on all the items, without having to select each of the entries. Only the displayed columns are included in the created report, regardless of its type. Designed with ease of use in mind, NetBScanner can prove to be a useful tool for any network administrator, displaying a diverse array of data about each connected PC.
NetBScanner allows users to scan the computers found in a previously specified IP range via the NetBIOS protocol. This network scanner displays wide array of details, including the IP Address, PC name, Workgroup or Domain, as well as the complete MAC Address. Furthermore, users can select one or several records then export them to external files, choosing one of the following formats: CSV, XML or HTML.
What’s New 
  • NetBScanner now automatically skips the broadcast addresses, according to the IP addresses/Subnet masks settings of every network adapter on your system.

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