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  Nero Multimedia Suite is a result of Nero’s evolution over the last few years. It has evolved from a simple CD burning application to a full-featured multimedia suite. It has as many critics as it does fans, and the release of Nero 10 is unlikely to change this.   Nero Multimedia Suite is comprehensive and if you are looking for a one-stop shop for yourvideo editing, burning and back-up, it will definitely fit the bill. Although getting started is a bit of a mystery (the app installs lots of icons for features that can be managed via the StartSmart button), the various components are slick, easy-to-use and meet most basic to intermediate needs.   As in previous versions, Nero Multimedia Suite offers a range of quick burning/ripping tasks on the left and the complete range of features divided into tabbed areas at the top. When you choose an option, a window will open. You control the feature from there, choosing options and tweaking configurations.   The whole Nero Multimedia Suite experience is very simple. There are loads of online tutorials, wizards and step-by-step instructions for burning, ripping, backing up and editing – among Nero Multimedia Suite’s most interesting features are the ability to digitize tapes and records, the file recovery application and, of course, Nero’s famous burning skills.   Nero Multimedia Suite’s critics will call it bloated and filled with unnecessary features. That’s not entirely wrong, but what it brings in bloat, it makes up for inease of use and centralization. Sure, you could carry out all of Nero Multimedia Suite’s functions using other, cheaper software, and it’s true that you may never use many of its functions, but users who will be interested in Nero Multimedia Suite won’t care, because it allows them to do exactly what they want, when they want, and with minimal technical knowledge.   Nero Multimedia Suite 10 is bloated, but provides centralization and flexibility that many users will find irresistible.  

Recent changes

  • New design
  • Multi-track processing with video editor
  • Keyframe manipulation
  • Media library with thumbnail and list view and mini-preview
  • Enhanced video effects and transitions
  • Simplified tool access
  • Embeddable movie templates
  • 11 new movie themes

Nero Multimedia Suite supports the following formats

  Media player for all most popular audio, video and photo formats such as AVCHD, MKV, FLV, FLAC, DVD, MPEG-4 AVC, (S)-VCD, AVCREC and Audio CDs, plus music playlists and slideshows Burn music, photos and videos to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs, or share to social communities    

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