NeoOffice 2015

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NeoOffice 2015

NeoOffice is a comprehensive and robust office and productivity suite of applications, created from the get-go as a native OS X alternative to Microsoft’s pricey Office suite.

Support for the latest OS X features

The NeoOffice suite has been created using the project as a base and it is designed to makes use of the latest OS X system features and and the Cocoa API to offer users a beautiful and system integrated user interface.

At the moment, the only remaining Java based features in NeoOffice are some of the suite’s wizards and the ability to open Base databases.

All other Java bits and pieces have been removed and rebuilt from scratch using native OS X frameworks and APIs, in an effort to provide the users with the most immersive and streamlined experience possible.

Built-in Versions support and Gatekeeper compatibility

Furthermore, NeoOffice features extended built-in support for OS X’s Versions feature which makes it possible to effortlessly and intuitively save and restore previous versions of any document you’re working or have worked on using this office suite.

Moreover, NeoOffice also comes with full-screen mode, resume and text highlighting support, as well as compatibility with Mac OS X’s powerful and extremely simple to use grammar checking engine.

As an added advantage, the NeoOffice office suite is also compatible with the Gatekeeper OS X feature in order to make sure that its runs smoothly and with absolutely no problems on Apple’s latest operating system.

What’s more, NeoOffice includes the ODF Add-in for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, designed to helps users to quickly and easily open, edit, and save almost all files exported using Microsoft’s Office 2007 Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.

OS X service integration

One other very useful feature is the built-in OS X services support, designed to allow users to highlight any data within a NeoOffice document and send it to any application installed on the Mac via a system service of their choice.

Above all else, due to its integration within the OS X environment and focus on providing the user with access to as many system features as possible, the NeoOffice suite is the logical Microsoft Office alternative if you want to keep your money and still take advantage of a high quality office experience on your Mac.


    • 64-bit processor


  • The demo version cannot save documents.


  • Gatekeeper, full-screen mode, and versions support
  • Native OS X text highlight
  • OS X spell and grammar checker support
  • ODF add-in for opening most Microsoft Office 2007 documents
  • Native drag-and-drop and copy/paste support

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