muso 1.5.46 Build Trial

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muso 1.5.46 Build Trial

A centralized information repository for your music collection

muso is a useful tool that was designed in order to offer you a simple means of managing your multimedia collection. muso is also an intuitive graphical user interface that enables you to browse your albums and tag / filter / sort them in various flexible ways. The software provides an alternative front end to your music player and allows you to experience a more meaningful interaction with your music collection. 
Here are some key features of “muso”:
  • An advanced Tagging feature, which enables you to tag albums (and tracks too if required) by Mood, Scenario, etc
  • Separating the wheat from the chaff – while the majority of your music collection may consist of full albums and EPs which you do want to see while browsing albums, the remainder is made up of odd tracks from other albums.
  • Collate albums (and group albums by Artist) properly – too often other music managers seem overly sensitive to file location, case sensitivity and minor variations in artist/album name, which often fragments albums or artists into several duplicates or near-duplicates.
  • Flexible Sorting/Grouping/Filtering
  • Feeding the latest on-line metadata about an artist, album or track directly into the music browser, album reviews and similar albums, and artist/album information.
  • Providing end-user configuration of the presentation – your favorite fonts can be easily specified, and the user can choose between pre-defined themes.
  • Full support for half-star ratings.
  • Comprehensive support for Classical Music – with track tags for Composer, Conductor, Ensemble (Orchestra), and Performer(s).
  • 30 days trial
What’s New 
  • Will update the existing version of muso

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