Mobiola WebCamera for iPhone 2.2.0 Freeware

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Mobiola WebCamera for iPhone 2.2.0 FreewareMobiola WebCamera for iPhone can transform your iPhone into a portable webcam, enabling you to capture content that a built-in laptop camera cannot record and share real-time video streaming with your friends using some of the most popular instant messaging programs. Connects the iPhone and the computer via Wi-Fi The package comprises two separate components (one for the iPhone and the other for the computer) that communicate via Wi-Fi in order to allow data transfers between the handset and the PC. Please note that the desktop application also installs a video driver that enables the iPhone camera to communicate with videoconferencing (Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM or ICQ) or video production applications (Camtasia Studio). Fast connection configuration Configuring the application is not difficult at all, since the connection is initiated by the mobile app once you provide it with the computer’s IP address and the port number to use. You can view all the connected devices and get information about the connection status from the ‘Access Control List’. Stream video content from the iPhone’s camera Once the connection is established, you must select the corresponding video source within the messaging application you are using. Doing so results in instructing the messenger to stream video content issued by the iPhone’s camera. With the help of this application, you can record video streams and take frame snapshots, which are automatically saved to the local PC, in a user-defined location. Turn the iPhone into a portable webcam Mobiola WebCamera for iPhone is a quick way to conveniently use the iPhone as a wireless camera that can be carried around to capture important moments and give your viewers a tour of the surroundings, without being limited by the wire length of the webcam. Mobiola WebCamera for iPhone is a simple application that enables you to turn your iPhone into a portable webcam. Very simple to install and configure, the package consists of two software components: a client application that resides on the phone and a webcam PC driver compatible with any Windows application that can receive video feeds from a webcam, such as Skype, Google+, Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ.

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