mirabyte Web Architect 10.1.0 Trial

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mirabyte Web Architect 10.1.0 Trial

A powerful tool for creating modern and professional websites.

mirabyte Web Architect is a useful and reliable application designed to help users create modern websites, homepages and Web applications. It supports all relevant Web standards and technologies such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and many more. It fully supports Unicode which allows creating Web pages using all international languages and character sets (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16). The very intuitive task- and context-centered user interface makes it very easy both for professionals and first-time users to become familiar with the application. Web Architect also features a lot of useful productivity tools which make creating and editing Web documents very fast and easy!  The extensive code completion feature and the code snippet system which his based on the Visual Studio snippet format save a lot of manual work and speed up any Web development task. Web Architect also comes with an integrated (S)FTP client that does not only support up- and downloading files to a remote server but also allows editing files directly (online) on the server. Another powerful feature is the integrated preview of Web Architect. It supports the Internet Explorer browser engine as well as the Gecko browser engine (Firefox). The integration of a local Web server into the preview is also possible. mirabyte Web Architect 9 has all the functionality that is required to create modern and professional Web pages – all in one single application. Finally the online help and reference features that are built into the application are valuable for both newcomers as a learning resource as well as for experienced Web developers that need a quick reference while working with the application. Give mirabyte Web Architect a try to fully assess its capabilities! Here are some key features of “mirabyte Web Architect”: · Powerful code-based Web/HTML editor · Modern Office 2010 user interface · Secure FTP Client with two-way sync · Integrated Desktop CMS · Intelligent Code Completion Requirements: · .NET Framework 4.0 Limitations: · 14 days trial · Nag screen What’s New · The latest version of Web Architect 10 brings a lot of interesting and powerful new features. A lot of feedback and ideas from Web Architect users have also been incorporated into this new release. · A major focus is put on the creation of mobile Websites that make use of the powerful jQuery Mobile framework. The Web preview of Web Architect can now simulate custom screen resolutions, apply skins for a realistic “mobile” feeling and it is now possible to manipulate the user agent string of the preview browser to test mobile Websites on a normal computer. The Web preview of Web Architect supports all versions of the Internet Explorer (IE) as well as Firefox 18 (Gecko) and the WebKit engine (Chrome, Safari, etc.).

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