MinT Portable Freeware

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MinT Portable Freeware

Text editing application

MinT Portable is a lightweight application with a very simple interface that can help you rapidly edit text, insert graphics and customize them. The executable and the Help file allocate less than 2 MB of disk space so MinT Portable can be stored and started on any USB stick. You will not need an oversized office package to write a letter or short text. MinT Portable provides comprehensive text formatting. It uses RTF (RichText format) which is fully compatible to MS Word and other word processors.
Here are some key features of “MinT Portable”:
  • Different fonts, font sizes, colors etc. in one text,
  • Set foreground or background color of the selected text
  • Subscrip, supscript, strike through,bold, italic, underline
  • Align left, right, center and justify both
  • Unordered and ordered lists
  • Set an individual left indent for any paragraph by ruler
  • Insert images into your text (Freeware version supports only BMP)
  • Set the image to transparent
  • Screen resolution 800×600 or higher
  • Free space on HD min. 5 MB

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