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MindDecider Viewer FreewareThere are numerous people who rely on dedicated software solutions to organize their ideas, plan tasks and come up with the best decision whenever they reach an impasse. If you use MindDecider and you want to share your created mindmaps with other colleagues, you also need MindDecider Viewer. MindDecider is a reliable application that helps you organize ideas and thoughts, so as to come up with the best solution for every problem that might occur. However, since the generated diagrams are saved in a special format, those who want to access them require a dedicated tool that can correctly open the files and this tool is called MindDecider Viewer. This utility does not need to be installed onto the host computer, so your work colleagues or your friends can simply keep in on a portable USB flash drive and run it only when you send them MindDecider files. In addition to actually opening the mindmaps and charts, the app can also be used by those who want to modify the display mode and who would like to group or order all items in a different way than they already are, in the source file. Also, the elements can also be moved around, as users only need to drag and drop them to the location they prefer. Moreover, MindDecider Viewer can also display all the comments associated to a certain item, so no information stored in the original mindmap will be lost or unavailable. All in all, MindDecider Viewer can come in very handy to those who only want to explore the contents of MindDecider diagrams and who do not want to edit their contents in any way.
MindDecider Viewer comes in handy to all those who often rely on MindDecider to generate reports, mindmaps or charts, then they want their diagrams to be explore by other users. Due to MindDecider Viewer, one simply needs to select the file they are interested in, without even needing to install an application to their PC.
What’s New 
  • WebAccess – a new option allowing internet users to remotely access MindDecider project with any popular browser.
  • DayPlanner – a new option offering smart automatic planning of your day.
  • New Scripts panel.
  • TimeLine features a large date range – billion years from the Big Bang to the far future.
  • TimeLine now has 7 new visual modes – Compact, Minimal, Leafs Only and Schedule #1-#4.
  • TimeLine now displays item alignments.
  • Spreadsheet now allows to show or hide fields manually and stores different field sets for each mode.
  • Spreadsheet now displays new item fields (FontSize, ShapeArgument, Author, ID, etc.).
  • TeamWork extra improvements – lots of extra values can now be shared.
  • Drawing import from a PostScript (*.ps, *.eps, *.ai) format and XML.
  • Drawing export to *.eps, *.xml and *.ai.
  • A few Drawing improvements: multiple selection, copy/paste, transformations, keyboard shortcuts.
  • ShapeEditor – now allows to set ratio aspect and size of item’s shape.
  • Links have three different visual t…

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