MidiIllustrator Virtuoso 2.00 Trial

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MidiIllustrator Virtuoso 2.00 Trial

A dedicated music notation software utility that enables users to create accurate scores from their MIDI files or to simplify complicated notation

MidiIllustrator Virtuoso provides music-enthusiasts with the needed tools for efficiently improve their skills and test their knowledge while using a handy music notation solution. Notate, print, practice and play free MIDI sheet music. MidiIllustrator MIDI notation software brings your favorite songs and musical works to life. Musicians can generate high quality, dynamic scores, fake books and lead sheets from 1000s of MIDI and Karaoke files freely available on the World Wide Web.
Here are some key features of “MidiIllustrator Virtuoso”:
  • Generate Attractive, Accurate and Flexible Scores from MIDI files
  • Transform Your Scores Automatically with 1-Step Tasks
  • Custom Transcription Options
  • Reformat the Notation
  • Performance and Learning Tools
  • Modify Score Layout
  • Connect a MIDI instrument and interact with the music
  • 30 uses allowed
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Finger Numbers and Automatic Fingering Analysis:
  • Now you can assign finger numbers to each note either manually or in a single step with MidiIllustrator’s Automatic Fingering Analysis.
  • Fingering analysis is customizable to help you assign the right finger numbers easily and quickly for a selection of notes or the whole score.
  • [b] Once you have assigned finger numbers to notes several new features become available
  • Finger numbers can be displayed in, alongside, above or below each note/chord in the score
  • Finger numbers can be displayed on each key during playback on the On-Screen Piano Keyboard
  • MidiIllustrator can show animated Performing Hands performing your score over the On-Screen Piano Keyboard
  • Enrich your score with Rich Text Content:
  • The following MidiIllustrator rich text items can store and display rich text and OLE objects in your score: Lyrics, Bookmarks, Chord Names, Free Text (New), Expressions (New), Staff Names and Instrument Names (Staff Namings) and Score …

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