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Message Box Creator FreewareMessage Box Creator is a piece of software that you can easily use to create custom message boxes for just about any situation. It provides a very comprehensive interface which makes it usable by almost anyone who possesses basic computer skills. To create your message you just need to provide a title, text content and choose the type of icon and buttons. Afterwards, you simply click the ‘Run’ button and the message is immediately displayed for you. All the required information is inserted in the main window of Message Box Creator. The same goes for the icon and buttons selection. This makes the application straightforward and practical. The icons you choose for the message boxes can be for Error, Question, Warning and Information, or you can select to not have any at all. Buttons such as OK, Cancel, Abort, Retry and Ignore are provided. When you create a message, you can choose between various arrangements of them. The application offers you a limited number of combinations and doesn’t allow you to use for example multiple ‘OK’ buttons on the same window. Since these message windows can be created for use in various projects, and why not friendly jokes, the application enables you to save them on your computer in image format. Moreover, after the image is transferred to the location you select on your PC, Message Box Creator also uploads the PNG file to a server and offers you a URL that you can use to share it. In closing, Message Box Creator is a nice little application to have if you’re looking to play a small joke on your friends, as well as a practical tool for creating custom alerts or notifications for your projects.
Whether you are on MySpace, LiveJournal, Friendster, or many of the other friends and blogging sites, you can now create your own unique message boxes. Use our unique Message Box Creator to express your thoughts, tell a joke, make a statement, or anything else you feel like. Furthermore, with Message Box Creator, you can also choose to share the screenshot the program takes by automatically uploading it to the developer’s own server.
What’s New
  • Added A switch on the home page to allow users to choose which theme to use.
  • Added the title at the bottom with the current version.
  • Changed the main layout of the software, with a menu and tabs.
  • Changed and moved the updates into its own tab.
  • Changed the way users update the software.

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