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MergeHero 1.0.0 FreewareMergeHero is an application that can easily identify the differences between two separate folders, displaying them within a forthright window. Additionally, it can be used for comparing the content of two text files and merging them together. What MergeHero does is analyze the structure of each of the two directories and show you which files are found in both locations and which are missing from one folder or the other.  The comparison table displays all this information in a structured way, along with their type, size, creation date and the comparison result. A summary of the report is displayed within a separate window, comprising the number of identical and different files, folders that share the same name, the number of files and folders that are only located in just one of the directories, as well as the total number of processed items. Also, MergeHero can be of assistance in comparing two text files. For your convenience, their content is shown in two side-by-side panes and the detected differences are highlighted. You can instruct the application to ignore the end-of-line termination and disregard the used case. A colored bar helps you navigate throughout the text. Alternatively, the navigation options in the ‘View’ menu or the search function can be used for the same purpose. If you choose to merge two text files with the help of MergeHero, a third pane is opened right beneath the other two, containing the joined text, which can be saved to your computer. MergeHero can prove useful for differentiating text files and directories, enabling you to view dissimilarities and resemblances within a user-friendly GUI. However, adding it tools for managing items (copy, delete, paste files) could really add to its value.
MergeHero is a Java-based application that you can use as a comparison tool for differing and merging folders and files. MergeHero is suitable for comparing files and folders alike and detecting differences easily and quickly.

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