McRip SystemFiles 2.0.2014.02.05 Freeware

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McRip SystemFiles 2.0.2014.02.05 FreewareMcRip SystemFiles is designed to help you install multiple runtimes on your computer without having to download them individually. It can be used to prepare your system by quickly deploying frequently used components such as Java and Adobe Flash Player. After a fresh installation of the Windows operating system you often need to install other components in order to use your PC. Although multiple programs have prerequisites, not all of them include the frameworks in the installer which means that you need to deploy them manually. Additionally, in order to find the latest file you often need to download them from the developer’s website which requires time and an Internet connection. This package includes some of the most popular frameworks such as Adobe Air, Silverlight,Shockwave, DirectX, Flash and Java. Besides installing these tools on a new operating system, you can also use McRip SystemFiles to update the existing ones. By default, the setup wizard will silently remove the current version and deploy the new files. Although downloading the latest version of each framework and deploying it to one computer does not sound too hard, this package is really valuable for network administrators who need to perform the same process for multiple workstations. In this case, launching the app from the command line allows you to silently install all the components. You can also use switches in order to save the installation settings to a file or prevent the user from canceling the operation. Overall, the McRip SystemFiles is a handy tool for any user who wants to quickly update or install the DirectX, Shockwave or other utilities included in the package.
McRip SystemFiles is an AIO installer that includes the latest versions of: – DirectX – Silverlight – FlashPlayer for IE x86 and x64 – FlashPlayer Firefox x86 and x64 – Shockwave Player – Java Platform SE for x86 and x64 You can use McRip SystemFiles to quickly install the above mentioned utilities hassle free.
Here are some key features of “McRip SystemFiles”:
  • All applications will be extracted and installed from Temp folder
  • All applications will install silently (except Shockwave, as mentioned above)
  • Flash Player, Shockwave and Java will be installed with automatic updates disabled
  • If Java is selected for installation, all previous versions will be uninstalled first (applies to both x86 and x64)
  • After Java has been installed, jqs.exe will be deleted and removed from startup (no system tray icon will be shown)
What’s New 
  • Updated Flash Player for IE and Firefox to version
  • Updated uninstallation of Flash Player
  • Updated AdobeAir Runtimes to version

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