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Maymeal PicEdit Free 3.56 FreewareThere are many applications that can be used to enhance one’s graphic files and users get the possibility to choose the one they like best, depending on their skill level. Those who prefer utilities that come with an appealing interface and intuitive commands, rather than complex functions and filters, can try Maymeal PicEdit Free. Straightforward GUI The application comes with an intuitive graphic user interface so that even novices can select the image they want to enhance, then select the function they prefer. Furthermore, you can select multiple files, then adjust each of them separately, so you will not need to browse the PC for them at a later time. Basic graphic editing Maymeal PicEdit Free provides you with several types of enhancements, ranging from red eye removal, to cropping, rotating and flipping. You can also apply shapes, blur and mosaic effects onto the currently loaded pic. Additionally, the application features a wide range of filters that you can rely on to tweak the appearance of your image, such as soften, sharpen, denoise, add noise, colorize, LOMO or color variations, along with some custom effects that overlay rain droplets, sun rays, hearts, snowflakes or stars onto the picture. Customizable text messages Another function of Maymeal PicEdit Free is that it supports text callouts so that you can further personalize your graphic files. You can also stamp text messages onto your images even if you do not want to use a callout, since other styles are also available. User-friendly image editor To wrap it up, Maymeal PicEdit Free can be used by all those who are looking to quickly apply basic editing operations to their images, along with several effects. However, users who are searching for layer support or subtle watermarking will need to look elsewhere. Maymeal PicEdit Free is an intuitive and reliable application that comes in handy when users need to quickly resize or crop their photos. In addition, one can effortlessly apply filters, remove the red eye effect, denoise, blur or sharpen their loaded pics. Moreover, users can apply text watermarks and draw a wide range of shapes, as well as rotate and flip the images.

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