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ManyCam 4.0.44 DemoFor anyone who uses several instant messenger programs to communicate with friends, using a webcam while chatting over the Internet on multiple apps at the same time can be a hassle. However, with a tool like Manycam you can easily solve that problem. This software solution helps you use the webcam on several chatting tools at the same time and, more importantly, it also enables you to add some shiny effects to the image you’re streaming over the Internet. Manycam has a rather nice looking interface and thanks to the well-thought layout, it can be easily used by beginners and professional users alike. The application has tons of effects, regardless if we’re talking about objects you can place over the image, backgrounds, face accessories, date and time or drawings. A great feature of Manycam we discovered during our tests was its ability to help users personalize the camera image by drawing directly onto it. In order to customize the software’s settings, you can individually configure the audio and video source options. Another nice addition to the functions list is the support for playlists that you can create by adding videos that can be broadcast instead of a live feed from the webcam. In just a few words, Manycam can work with basically every tool that supports a webcam, no matter if we’re thinking aboutYahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Paltalk, Camfrog, AIM and many other IM apps. All things considered, this utility can prove quite useful for anyone who needs to use several instant messengers with a single webcam and stream the same video and audio over multiple applications. The very strong feature pack and ease of use recommend Manycam as one of the software solutions that deserve at least a try.
ManyCam lets you to use your Webcam with multiple programs at the same time. Broadcast your Webcam on MSN Messenger,Yahoo!SkypeAIMPaltalk, and Camfrog all simultaneously. ManyCam also allows you to add cool live CGI (computer generated special effects and graphics) to your Webcam. Make it appear as if your face or hand is on fire with our “fire” effect. Pretend you are underwater or make it look like it’s snowing inside your house with the ManyCam underwater and snow effects. Add text, graphics, or your country’s flag to your video window.
  • Webcam or other video source
  • Intel Celeron 1GHz or Faster Processor
  • 256 RAM
  • Unregistered version allows users to add only 2 video sources
  • Unregistered version does not allows users to preview their movies before switching
  • Only a limited number of effects are unlocked in the unregistered version
What’s New 
  • Redesigned and more responsive UI.
  • ManyCam window is now resizable.
  • The new Gallery tab allows you to easily access saved snapshots and videos.
  • The new Favorites section allows you to access frequently used effects.
  • Ability to share photos and videos to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Search for effects, photos and videos in the software.
  • Includes a new category of effects called Emoticons.
  • Updated settings window that allows you to change the default naming and storage of your media files, change the resolution of your videos and images, change your audio playback device and set up internet proxy settings.
  • New “On-Air” feature allows you to track what applications or websites are using ManyCam.
  • System Sound Default Microphone feature allows you to capture sound directly from your PC.
  • Recording in MP4.
  • ManyCam Pro can unlock more HD resolutions.
  • ManyCam Pro can unlock more picture-in-picture modes.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements requested…

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