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Makhaon Workstation DemoMakhaon Workstation is a comprehensive image viewer designed specifically for physicians and medical practitioners, helping them analyze various scans and other DICOM files. The program offers a wide range of features, allowing users to perform fully parallel processes, in order to increase productivity. Makhaon Workstation supports virtually all DICOM files, including digital radiography, mammography, tomography, ultra-sonography or angiography images, and many more. It even reads PDF, BMP and JPG formats. Using this application, users have the possibility of displaying single as well as multi-framed files; they can also create and edit dicomdir items with ease. Users can view 2D images of up to 2 GB in size, thus allowing them to easily read multi-frame ultra-sonograms, for instance. With Makhaon Workstation, users can copy, edit or remove the overlays from their medical images, ensuring complete control over their work. Features such as ‘Rotation’, ‘Mirroring’ or ‘Ruler Display’ provide users with means of customizing and enhancing their analysis. Moreover, with Makhaon Workstation, users can even display 3D images, handy in the case of implant fitting or bone removal procedures, as well as colonoscopy or endoscopy operations, providing volume and surface rendering. The program allows users to open multiple studies at the same time, and save the information they need to various output documents, such as DOCX, XLSX, HTML, TXT, CSV or XML. It offers advanced ‘Search’ functions, with up to six simultaneous query fields, enabling users to quickly find the files they need in the database. Some minuses however include the fact that the interface is not fully translated, so users might come across certain sections in Russian; it could also use a ‘Help’ file in English at least, if not more languages. Despite that, Makhaon Workstation is evidently a professional application, with extended functionality, that can prove handy in almost any medical practice.
Makhaon Workstation is an advanced application intended to provide examination rooms` with a reliable medical imagery tool, supporting images from many different medical devices. The application can read ultra-sonographs, digital X-ray apparatus, X-ray computed tomography scanners, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomographs, etc. enabling users to keep or transfer the data and images according to the DICOM-standard.
  • Pentium 4 1000
  • Mhz. 256 Mb of memory
  • 1 Gb free disc space
  • Firebird
  • Some functions are disabled (CD burn, Print, DICOM Print)

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