MailEnable Enterprise Edition 8.03 Trial

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MailEnable Enterprise Edition 8.03 Trial

A powerful email server software that provides a scalable hosted messaging platform

MailEnable Enterprise includes all the features of MailEnable Professional and is designed for organizations, hosting companies or ISP’s dealing with high volumes of mail, requiring greater control and flexibility over mail services. MailEnable Enterprise adds highly functional features such as Collaboration, Outlook synchronization, remote administration, more advanced webmail and web administration, and database connectivity – giving you the power and control required for large-scale operations. SyncML allows the synchronization of MailEnable calendar, tasks and contacts with Mobile devices (Phones, PDAs and Outlook). The SyncML server detects changes made to your contacts, calendar or tasks, and prepares the updates for transmission to SyncML clients (Mobile devices). Likewise, changes made on your SyncML capable Mobile devices are transacted to the server. MailEnable’s Domain Keys (DKIM) implementation provides inbound validation and outbound signing of messages. The extensive filtering provided by MailEnable allows you to discriminate messages according to their domain key validation. Administrators can either use inbuilt simple criteria or tailor complex scripts according to filtering requirements. MailEnable Enterprise provides an SMS connector which allows you to send SMS messages from MailEnable. Administrators are able to define SMTP addresses that are mapped to mobile phones. Any messages received to that address are processed by the connector and sent as an SMS to the corresponding mobile phone. MailEnable’s SMTP service has been updated to provide outbound TLS/SSL support, allowing the secure/encrypted transmission of messages to remote SMTP servers. MailEnable Enterprise includes end-user activity reporting. This allows mail users to view the last 5 days of significant activity performed against their mailbox. For example, a user can see whether messages were deleted from their mailbox or even whether an e-mail message to their account has been greylisted/suspended for later delivery. Authentication methods such as APOP and SMTP Authentication, CRAM MD5, Secure Password Authentication (NTLM support) and advanced relay settings control user access to your mail server. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support for SMTP, POP and IMAP protocols allows mail clients to connect to the server securely by ensuring that mail communications between the mail client and MailEnable are encrypted. A new reporting module provides detailed statistics on all mail services (POP, SMTP, IMAP, HTTPMAIL) and the MTA. Over 80 different reports can be generated and ranked by user, post office or for the whole system. Information can be tabulated on data sent, data received, data total, messages sent, messages received, user log-ins and client connections. MailEnable now includes a monitoring agent that checks system health and can notify an email address of any problems that are detected, such as a large amount of email going through the system, or service failure. MailEnable now provides support for a third SMS gateway service provider, Intelli Messaging. Now there is more choice with provider, and with some simple entry of your account details within MailEnable you will be able to do email-to-SMS in no time. With MailEnable you will be able to monitor your webmail even at distance.
Here are some key features of “MailEnable Enterprise Edition”:
  • Powerful Administration:
  • Easy to administer via the Microsoft Management Console, MailEnable has remote administration capabilities for managing server clusters – provides easy access and the ability to administer a remote mail server like a local machine. Web Administration is enhanced to allow easier management of multiple domains. Incorporates .NET web administration;
  • Enhanced Security:
  • Extensive security measures and authentication methods including CRAM MD5, APOP and SMTP authentication, protect your mail server from unauthorised access. Now includes additional security features; Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and NTLM support for high level encryption;
  • Full Featured Web Mail:
  • Additional features such as personal calendar, public folders, spell check, quota usage display, HTML support, custom ‘skins’ and multi-lingual support. Now supports .NET framework;
  • Improved Spam Protection:
  • Enterprise Edition contains numerous anti-spam features – with the addition of SPF, Bayesian filtering plus URL blacklist content filtering to protect your system from unwanted junk mail;
  • Scalability & Optimised Services:
  • Create server clusters and store user configuration data in Microsoft SQL or MySQL to upscale the capacity of your mail services. System performance improvements include message indexing and caching on configuration files to reduce resource load and dramatically improve system response times;
  • Message Filtering:
  • Allows you to define rules and actions for messages as they pass through MailEnable. Create message filters globally or by user mailbox.
  • Outlook Synchronization:
  • Add appointments, tasks or contacts in either webmail or Outlook and MailEnable will automatically synchronize these items.
  • Force Spell Check Before Send:
  • Webmail now has the ability to enforce spellchecking for every e-mail before it is sent.
  • Clustering:
  • Allows you to redundantly configure your mail servers to increase system reliability and uptime. The cluster management tools within Enterprise Edition allow you to couple servers and manage them as cluster nodes.
  • Share & Collaborate:
  • Collaborate with other webmail users by sharing contacts, calendars and folders.
  • Optimized Services:
  • Services within Enterprise Edition have been optimised for performance and scalability. Folder indexing dramatically
  • improves system response times.
  • Anti-spam:
  • MailEnable Enterprise Edition provides Bayesian Filtering support. Auto-train the filter with both valid and spam emails to greatly improve the effectiveness of correctly identifying junk mail. SPF, URL Blacklisting, Greylisting, outbound Whitelisting and a host of other anti-spam features are also included to keep your inbox spam-free.
  • Queue Prioritization:
  • Messages that are sent out as bulk e-mail or are part of an e-mail campaign can now be assigned to a bulk mail queue. This means that bulk mail outs are less likely to impact on the delivery of regular e-mail. Also, an administrator is able to designate users whose messages should be sent with Priority. Messages sent by these users are placed in a Priority queue so that they receive preferential treatment over other messages.
  • Database Connectivity:
  • Allows you to store all your configuration data in either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. This not only dramatically increases scalability, but also allows you to integrate MailEnable with other back office applications.
  • Remote Administration:
  • For ease of access, the administration program is capable of managing server groups and can be run on remote workstations to manage enterprise clusters.
  • 60 days trial
  • nag screen
What’s New 
  • FIX: IMAP will now queue notifications for dispatch under idle rather than dispatching them during idle
  • FIX: IMAP may raise exceptions when signalling other connections (leading to a restart of the IMAP exception)
  • FIX: Meeting request with timezone offsets comprised with a partial 30 minute offset would ignore the 30 minute offset
  • FIX: WebAdmin did not respect default value for maximum mailbox size postoffice setting
  • FIX: ActiveSync will now attempt to throttle the maximum response size to 20MB
  • FIX: ActiveSync will now use incremental SyncKeys to protect agains communication failure when processing MoreAvailable (typically occurs when initially loading large mailboxes with Outlook)

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