Mail SenderExpress Pro 5.0 Trial

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Mail SenderExpress Pro 5.0 Trial

An efficient and reliable software utility designed to help user send multiple promotion e-mails, offering various customizable options

Email Sender is a simple and easy to use application that can help you send via e-mail newsletters in bulk, useful especially for marketing or advertising to targeted mail addresses. The email sender enables you to specify the time and schedule for sending your newsletters or for setting your mass email marketing campaigns Here are some key features of “Mail SenderExpress Pro”: · The Email Sender Pro helps you to define groups of your targeted customers. It also allows you to modify list of subscribers in different mailing groups with ease. · You can enable or disable the individual recipients to receive the specific mailings. You can import or export addresses from a single file (TXT and .CSV files) or directory. · Importing addresses from Outlook Address Book to your Email Sender Express Pro and vice-versa is an easy task. You can also send the messages composed in Outlook Email Editor. · The software helps you to filter out the subscribers who have opted to stop receiving the future mailings in order to disable the recipients. · The software makes use of dynamic variables that represent the name of the recipient while composing the message. With this, the name of the recipient will be used automatically when the message is sent. · Access the status report of the mailings when the newsletter is sent. The status report updates you if the mailing has been successful or not. In case the mail fails, you get to know the reason for the same. · The multithread technique helps you to send mails fast at 50,000 per hour. 8. The bulk email sender sends attachments and multi-attachments in any format. Text and HTML formats both are supported. · Improved Email Design Editor has in-built WYSIWYG editor, users can easily make changes to the email campaigns. The editor enables you to easily format text, add links, upload and insert images, and more. It also enables you to choose from eight designer templates. · Integrated HTML editor allows the user to customize the design of your emails to code level. · Spam Check feature assess your emails shows what is required to be changed to ensure it reaches subscriber’s inbox. Requirements: · Pentium-133 CPU · 64 MB RAM · Internet connection Limitations: · 9-day trial period · Nag screen What’s New · Improved Email Design Editor: With the help of the in-built WYSIWYG editor, you can easily make changes to your email campaigns. The editor allows you to format text, add links, upload and insert imag es, and more. · Integrated HTML editor: You can easily personalize the design of your emails to code level with an integrated HTML editor.

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