LumberJack4Logs 1.12.1 Freeware

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LumberJack4Logs 1.12.1 Freeware

View and analyze log files with this tool.

LumberJack4Logs is an easy to use, Java based viewer specially designed for log and trace files with the ability to extend the recognized data formats by adding text parser plugins. The default internal time resolution is 1 picosecond, but you can reset it anytime at 1 millisecond.
What’s New 
  • Changed ellipsis position from right to left for the log event list columns “Time”, “Thread” and “Logger”.
  • Added “auto-scroll” switch which enables auto scrolling to the bottom of the log event list.
  • Fixed a small bug related to the width of the filter set selection box when displaying a 2-digit number.
  • Improved protection against memory overflow.
  • Fixed a bug related to the file names in the main window title.

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